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Latest addition to ''Weather Monitoring'' instruments category.

This is our new model of Digital Barometer. The number of functions & features it has, makes it a complete Weather Station. Apart from atmospheric pressure, it tells you height/altitude above sea level, air/wind velocity & direction, wind chill, air density, chronograph, split/lap timer, dew point, weather forecast, temperature, humidity, datalogger and alarm for all functions.

If you are looking to buy accurate & high quality Digital Altimeter/barometer at reasonable price, this one is for you. Please call us for best quote.

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New improved model of Digital Coating Thickness Gauge with better features such as multi-point calibration, ferrous/non-ferrous combined, auto detection of material; better functions such as alarm, memory, statistics (average, maximum, minimum), USB computer interface; better specifications such as wider range 0-1300 microns, highly accurate (3%). Used to detect any non-magnetic coating like paint, powder, zinc, chrome etc on all metals. Call us to know best price.

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New improved Portable Metal Hardness Tester for HRC, HRB, HV, BHN and other hardness tests. A handheld instrument which can be easily taken to large & heavy workpieces to check for their indentation & deformation properties. Very useful tool for industries & manufacturing units which rely on Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell & other hardness scale values during production. The Meter is connected to an impact device which is placed on the test block. You just need to press a button on top of this device to generate an impact and the resulting rebound value gets registered on the display screen. Fast, accurate and reliable.

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Latest in the series of Portable Refractometers. Used to determine % brix of sugar in items such as juice, cola, syrup, jam, jelly, honey and many other food articles & beverages. Digital Refractometers are more precise, accurate & quicker than the routine Hand Refractometer models. As soon as a few drops are placed on the prism, the instrument measures the refractive index of the sample and converts it into Brix value. This particular brand is Milwaukee USA and is economical than Hanna or Atago. Please ask us for best price and availability.

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